Two Pages 2018 Calendar Planner

Calendar 2018

2018 Calendar Planner – I know many of you have been waiting two pages per month on 2018 calendar. And I’m happy to say they’re here. So far, the two page layout per month is one of my favorites for monthly planning. The extra space in each dated box allows me to add extra detail and make it easy to check at a glance. Scroll down and check them out.

In this article we will tell you about 2018 calendar planner. Every year more and more incoming requests for date calendars for the following year. As a planner myself, I understand and appreciate the need to have a calendar next year available early.

While I personally do not have to plan ahead of time, I’m happy to be able to provide all this for anyone who does it. Today we have a two page schedule per month to check out. This is the second last post for 2018 calendar date. If you missed the first two you can check then exit at:

Just like in previous years I started a monthly grid on the left page. Just having four days per page is helpful to make more writing space for each date box. On the right page you will find the rest of the day of the week as well as the columns for notes.

Notes columns are coated, such as 2018 calendar planner, because I get so many requests for notes lined up. I try to make the line a bit lighter for those who do not like the line. I hope I can meet everyone’s needs with them.

If your printer does not duplex, go to Print Settings and find an area where you can choose which pages you want to print. Set to Odd and Print Pages. Remove January from the stack and then flip / rotate your page so they will print on the back. Then go to Print Settings and select Event Pages and print.


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